Alexandra’s wardrobe must haves

Alexandra’s wardrobe must haves. Scared it’ll date. Not with these top wardrobe items

  • Crisp white shirts. They always look good, there’s no doubt about it, next to any colour suit, it never fails to make it look that bit sharper.
  • Classic, navy blazer. Not in the mood for wearing a suit all day long? Blazers look great with jeans, chinos or contrasting trousers. Leave the gold buttons to the Sailors and opt for real horne buttons for a clean look.
  • Black leather lace up shoes. There’s nothing I love more than to see a man wearing a beautiful suit with elegant, Italian style shoes. Tip: No heavy rims around the bottom of the shoe.
  • Jeans. Get them right, they work with all that is casual. Remember though to always keep them dark indigo. Light jeans just don’t work and please no fade outs or rips (Just don’t look at my weekend jeans 😉 )
  • Navy suit. You can’t go wrong with a classic navy. It’s timeless and a flexible colour and has been proven to warm others to you. So, looking for a good first impression, this will help.
  • Grey suit, for the serious interviews where you’re taking no prisoners. This is the suit. Keep the shade mid grey and multi tonal. Flat charcoal and you run the risk of looking like a bus conductor
  • Sunglasses. Ray bans chocolate tortoise shell ones always look chic and work with browns, navy’s and white. However, it’s always good to have a second pair, so having black as well is never a bad thing.