Alexandra’s top menswear style tips

Alexandra Wood knows good style, and she also knows the worst fashion faux-pas you can make as a man. Check out these top tips from Savile Row’s woman in the know.

Bespoke suit by Alexandra Wood

1. Suit colour.
Colour of the suit is very important, and it will be the first impression people have about the way you dress. Do not go too dark, and avoid black at all costs. It ages the skin and makes you look paler. It’s fine for dinner suits and when you want to look a bit chic, and will suit you particularly well if you’re dark or olive skinned. But for business suits, stick with lighter and more youthful shades of blue or grey.

2. Keep it flattering.
A single-breasted, two-buttoned jacket is the most flattering cut for all, as it draws the eye downwards. Three buttons are too boxy and will only create unwanted volume around the body.

3. The trousers.
Go for slim trim trousers, tapered but not skinny. If you’ve got decent legs, show them off! But don’t have fabric flapping around the legs, as it doesn’t look good on anyone. While we’re there, don’t have your trouser rise too low. Wearing your trousers far down on your hips actually makes your legs look shorter. It needs to fit well into the crotch to keep the overall look flattering and athletic. No low riding.

4. Shoes.
I see so many men wearing a great suit and then bloody awful Herman Munster-style shoes. You need streamlined, beautiful Italian brogues. Clumpy shoes are ageing, never fashionable and ruin the line of the suit.

5. Accessories.
Accessorise your suit with simple, classic colours. No fuss. Keep to clean lines for a chic look. Stay away from crazy patterns. And cartoon character ties? Chuck those out right now.

6. Wear it.
Remember that nothing looks better on a man than good posture. Stand up properly. Carry yourself with confidence. Wear the suit like you mean it.

Remember, don’t let the clothes wear you. You have to wear the clothes.

Alex takes great pride in helping men look their best. For your next suit needs, check out Alexandra Wood Bespoke.