Alexandra Wood – Queen of Savile Row

Alexandra Wood

The best kept secret on Savile Row

Stepping onto the altogether sacred sidewalks of Savile Row is an intimidating experience for any first-time fashion writer. Having sat down to interview Alexandra Wood for in September last year, she soon dispelled with notions of stern-faced tailors and a street stuck in a time warp.   One year on and Savile Row is changing. And it is tailors like Alexandra who are at the forefront of that change, embracing the present and pushing men’s fashion forward, armed with a solid technique in classical tailoring.
Alexandra’s skill is evident in her clientele, which include comedian Rory Bremner and Labor MP Chuka Umunna, who was featured in GQ’s Top 50 Best Dressed list.
“My suit is a true pleasure to wear” says Umunna. “Alexandra created it to my exact specification; smart, fashionable and comfortable. I would take great pleasure in recommending her to anyone.”
In summing up the lady herself I turn again to one of her clients, Marcus Angell of SilverDoor, who states:
“She’s taller than you, more gorgeous and a damn good tailor to boot”. 
Get to know Alexandra Wood…
How did you get started in fashion?
I’ve always been obsessed with fashion! Admittedly the passion was more for ladies’ clothing, at least initially, but I’ve come to enjoy the simplicity of men’s fashion.
What prompted the move into Savile Row?
Savile Row is notoriously prestigious for bespoke tailoring, so it felt like a natural move to make.
What does it take to be a tailor there?
Foremost a clear understanding of cut and fit. You’re most certainly looked down upon if you’re not knowledgable within your field.
What changes have you seen in Savile Row since you started working there?  
There have been a few uproars! One which caused a big stir was Abercrombie & Fitch moving in.
However, they are more on Burlington Gardens than Savile Row.
Personally I embrace change and remain confident in what I do, but know that other companies are rattled and are defiant in keeping it all the same.
What makes you different from the other tailors?
I am very trend aware, but I design to create the perfect look for the individual rather than making them look like somebody they’re not.
My look is clean, classic and sharp and I’m very passionate about what I do.