About Alexandra Wood about-photo My passion is to make bespoke suits that fit like no other. To make the wearer feel like the owner of his clothes and not the other way round. Clothes and style should be completely a part of who you are and make you feel good inside and exude confidence on the outside. A suit should fit to perfection but also mask your flaws and enhance your assets and that takes knowledge and skill and an eye for what looks good on each person. The style and shape of your suit are key to making or breaking a look and the difference between looking fresher and younger or appearing dated and stuffy. Fabrics should be chosen that compliment your skin tone, are fit for purpose and portray the image you need. The structure is as important as all the other details and thinking about what you want the end result to be is vital. That is where I help, to help you understand the different techniques and canvassing needed to make your suit the style right for you. From soft shoulders, to rope shoulders, I understand how to use every tool to the best advantage to get you looking better than ever before. I run through in detail with you, about who you are and what you do, to truly understand how you need to come across and dress you accurately. If you no longer want to waste time and money buying clothes that don’t work for you then I’m the Tailor for you. Doing away with Savile Row’s traditional image, customers frequently comment on the sheer joy of having a suit made by award winning, Alexandra Wood. Always charming and ready with a smile and a joke or two, Alexandra puts her clients instantly at ease, helping transform them into the sharply, stylishly dressed men they wish to be. A gift for instantly recognising what will suit her customers shape and style is one of Alexandra’s greatest assets. Alexandra has dressed the likes of Chuka Umunna MP, landing him the status of one of GQs best dressed Men on more than one occasion and most recently winning the award for Best Grooms wear retailer by You and Your wedding magazine. From colour to cut, she knows exactly what she’s doing. The clients come for the fittings, but they stay for life. Why? Because for Alexandra Wood, nothing less than perfect will do. Alexandra devotes a lot of time to getting the finished garments exactly right. In addition, she is not afraid to offer advice on styles and cloths which can really open up a new angle in clothing. The result must be that the confidence of her customers in her work increases and so does the loyalty they show to her. ~ Meyrick Chapman, Hedge Analytics .]]>

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