A vintage inspired French wedding

This year we’ve seen a surge in weddings abroad. From France and Italy to Barbados.

I love seeing my customers vision, to see the colours they’re using for their flowers, bridesmaids and overall style. It helps me understand their overall style and what the Groom wants to look like.


Roman Guillon came to me at the beginning of the year and was recommended to me by another friend Thibaut, who had got married in the south of France the year before. Romain had a clear idea of what he wanted in terms of style; shorter jacket, with slim fit trousers and classic waistcoat. As inspiration he bought in mint green and coral bow tie from Mrs Bow Tie www.mrsbowtie.com



Although Romain originally toyed with the idea of a blue suit, I felt that with the fresh colours of his wedding, that a pale grey would be more suitable (pardon the pun!)

I’m glad he went for this colour, as you can see from the result, he looked fantastic! As did they both.

Many congratulations to Romain & Julie, you both looked stunning!


Images were taken by the super talented Ambre Peyrotty www.zephyr-et-luna.com