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A day in the life of Savile Row tailor Alexandra Wood

Curious about what life for a men’s fashion entrepreneur really looks like? Style doyenne, Savile Row tailor, businesswoman and mum, Alexandra Wood lets us in on a (hectic) day in her life.

6:30 am: I wake up and have a cup of tea in bed and read a few business blogs and podcasts for inspiration. I love The Gentlemans Journal and Janet Murrays podcast.  I literally have about 15 books by my bedside, I call myself Short circuit, as Im trying to get as much information into my brain as fast as possible.

How a typical day looks

7:00 am: My kids (aged 6, 10 and 12) wake up. I’ll have breakfast with them and get them ready for school. While they’re upstairs getting sorted I’m checking my emails and online calendar to see what I’ve got on for the day. I’ll then get ready myself. I usually wear a pencil skirt with a crisp cotton shirt; dark jeans with a shirt and quirky blazer and funky pair of shoes or boots; or a slim fitting dress. I’d class my style as clean and crisp with a few quirks.

8:40 am: I take the kids to school and then go straight to our Bishops Stortford store in Hertfordshire. I make sure everything’s set up and ready to go for the day. This may mean that I hoover (don’t ask!), check that the layout of the shop is neat and tidy, monitor our stock levels and alterations, and ensure that all systems are working. If we have a lot of wedding orders on the go we make sure they’re all bang on time and that they are moving along (e.g. the fabric has been delivered, the suits have started being cut). I then brief the team on the appointments and orders we have for the day so everyone’s organised.

9:30: The Bishops Stortford store opens. If I’m not in appointments with clients, I ensure everyone’s orders are running correctly and deal other non-tailoring matters of the business. I also make sure our lovely admin assistant knows what needs to be done.

10:30 am: Our Shoreditch store opens. If I haven’t got appointments in Bishop’s Stortford I’ll jump in the car or catch the train to Shoreditch to brief the team there.

11:00 am: Our Savile Row appointments start. These run every half-an-hour if I have a fitting or every hour for new appointments. Somewhere in here, I’ll eat lunch on the go so it’s usually a wrap and water. On the rare occasion that I have time, I’ll have lunch at a restaurant with a friend.

5:00 pm: All of our shops close, but sometimes I’ll do private appointments in the evenings.

6:00 pm: I take the train or drive home. I can then collect the kids from Kids Club. We eat dinner together and have cuddles and chill out time.

7:30: I put the children to bed. I can then finish off emails from the day, and check that all orders are arranged and set up ready to go for the next day. The last thing at night I read a business blog, think up new ideas for expansion or read a business book. Recently I read Radical Candor: Be a Kick-Ass Boss Without Losing Your Humanity by Kim Scott. It’s a brilliant book on how to manage with heart. Or sometimes I’ll just watch absolute nonsense on TV just to totally switch off: I’m currently obsessed with programmes on women psychopaths (No, Im not one ha ha).

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