7 checks you can make when buying a ready to wear suit

We know how frustrating it can be going from shop to shop and nothing quite fits perfectly, we offer you some help on what to look for and what you can do:

Ok, so you’re built like a god and every suit you try on fits you perfectly wherever you go and whatever you try on looks perfect. (Lucky guy!) But for most people this isn’t the case and there’s almost always something wrong with one area or another. Here’s a few things to look for:

1- Ask the store you’re in to measure you properly. I’ve met so many men who are convinced they’re one size and they’re actually another.

2- Each stores sizes will vary slightly, so where you may be a 40” chest in one, you could be a 42” in another

3- If the jackets are too big and the trousers are ok, you may be better advised to go for a smaller size suit so that the jacket fits well and adjust the trousers by letting out the waist and seat.

4- If you’re looking at altering too much on the suit, you may want to look at opting for a made to measure suit. 

5- Most people I measure are actually bang in the middle of sizes. Ideally companies would start making 39”, 41” chests but sadly it’s not as easy as it sounds.

6- If you’re wanting an outfit that’s not a suit, this could make things easier as you can choose a variety of sizes that fit.

7- Altering a suit. There’s a huge amount that can be  changed and the tailor in store should offer you their advice and their in house alteration service at cost.

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