5 ways to make you boardroom ready

5 ways to make you boardroom ready


Smart, uniform, professional. All words which pretty much describe the suit. As we know here at Alexandra Wood every dapper gentleman should own one. More commonly we associate the look with the formal attire of the working gentleman, the shirt, the jacket and of course the tie every man wants to look sharp in the boardroom.

Historically the suit itself had been worn more casually day to day, with of course the Sunday best for special occasions. But as fashions change and comfort outweighs practicality, the suit is a rare thing to be seen outside the office. In the working world it is essential to project the correct image. Self-respect, professionalism and the ability to be taken seriously is the image the suit continues to display and is the core choice for formal work attire.

More often we’re starting to see ‘casual Fridays’ or ‘smart casual.’ This can be interpreted with a combination of shirt and jeans for that contrasted look or the suit minus the jacket and tie, shirt sleeves rolled up, top button undone (or one or two more depending on how adventurous you feel) paired with brogues rather than suit shoes for a comfortable but still smart casual look.

It is said by many that men wear suits to work to impress their boss, secretly hoping for that promotion! But for many it gives that sense of uniform, an ease of dress for that 9-5 job. Spanning many professions admin to lawyers, office to boardroom, the suit shouldn’t be limited to the same dreary colour scheme: black. A uniform colour that many seem to employ. Liven up and be unique coloured ties (although refrain from the eccentric) can help set you apart from the monochrome colour palette of black and white or try a pale blue shirt to offset the classic white shirt trend. Subtle patterns such as a plaid or stripe can add a twist to the classic, although a tweed may not be best suited, unless you’re hunting at a country retreat. But for more fabric selections and advice Alexandra Wood is more than happy to make you boardroom ready.

5 ways to get yourself boardroom ready

  1. Feel good in the suit you’re wearing, because confidence is key
  2. It must fit well to make a good impression
  3. Wear a warm blue. This colour is proven to make a good impression
  4. Keep it simple and classic, with no eccentric detailing
  5. Do wear the smart shoes to match, they won’t be hiding under the table all the time

Words by Amber Flint

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