5 top tips on bespoke shirts

The 5 top tips on choosing the best shirt for you

Shirts make a great addition to the working wardrobe. If you choose a high quality shirt it can lift your whole look completely. This is our simple guide to choosing the best shirts for work.

Fabric Counts

For business shirts, we would suggest a two-fold 140 or 120. Soft, two fold poplin is always a popular choice. However, the more texture the fabric has, the more resilient it will be and will add depth and interest to the look of your suit.

Take Care

With the correct care, your shirts can last a very long time. It’s always best to choose a strong fabric initially but washing it well can make a huge difference. Dry cleaning shirts wears them out quickly, especially under the arms where deodorant comes into play. We would advise that you wash after every use, remove collar stays and wash at 40-degrees. Finish by ironing when damp, or take to the dry cleaners to press professionally.

Watch your tone

The colour of your shirt is very important as it is so close to your face it can make all the difference. Secondly, match the colour with your suits. Even if you opt for a plain white shirt, there are many shades of white, so choosing one for your particular skin tone is important and can make a difference.

Tips for style

If you are slim and trim, choose a darted shirt for more shape. Most important is that the shoulder seam sits perfectly in line with your armpit, as it creates a great line. More often than not, people choose a shirt that sits off of the shoulder seam and this only adds bulk and makes the line of the shirt look clumsy. If you are slightly larger ask for it without pleats and slightly looser fitting around the tummy. Pockets are to be avoided for a clean look and a structured collar always looks great and adds to the sharpness of a suit.

Other general tips

Always have your shirt peeping out of your suit sleeves by 1/2 to 3/4″ and don’t have the shirt length too long so that you end up having tons of fabric to shovel down your trousers. You should also be able to fit three fingers into your collar. A tight collar is never a good look and no, you can’t tuck your turkey neck down it.

We have a wide range of shirting that will complement your suit perfectly. For more advice please feel free to talk with one of our team on 0203 369 8963 or email info@alexandrawoodbespoke.co.uk Our shirt range start at £110