3 reasons why men should wear more colour

3 reasons why men should wear more colour

If I made an entire collection of blue sweaters, shirts, blazers and suits; they’d probably sell very well. Actually, why don’t I do that?

The problem is that it’s all very dull isn’t it — men all wearing the same thing. And as much as I love a camel coat, I’m pretty tired of them! I get excited when I see images from Pitti Uomo, as they really know how to work their colours and textures and they’re not afraid of a splash of colour.

I’ve tried to work out people’s aversion to it. Some customers say: “I’ve tried red but it’s just not for me and blue I find ‘safe’.”

The point is, it’s about choosing the right shade of that colour for you and this isn’t easy to gauge unless you’re particularly chummy with a stylist.

Green was ever so nearly the new blue last year, but didn’t quite latch on as much as I’d hoped. But again, it’s such a flexible colour and one that can be worn by most.


Why should men wear more colour? 

Because like women, it can make a real difference to your skin tone. For example; blue is much softer on older skins than grey. Pink is more playful and also versatile to add with other colours. All in all, it shows you have personality and adds interest to your look.

I’ve put together some tips for dipping your toe into the colour chart:

1-Experimenting with colour

It doesn’t mean you need to look like you’ve walked into an explosion in a paint factory. You can start by simply adding a vibrant pocket square into your top jacket pocket, wearing a contrasting shirt with colour and texture or wearing a crisp white shirt and adding a colourful jacket with it.

2-Be open to colour

Why not hold a colour next to your face that you like, but may never have thought brave enough to wear and see how it looks. Holding clothes at a distance won’t help, you need to try it on and have a good look.

3-Mix n match

Just because a colour doesn’t look great next to your face, it doesn’t mean you can’t wear the bolder colour as trousers.

For example: the red trouser. Yes, it’s making a comeback and will be showcased in our new Autumn/Winter collection 18’ (Shameless plug!)

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