10 top tips on how to extend the life of your tailored garments

10 ways to extend the life of your suits & shirts

  1. Ironing companies To me these are a heaven send. When life’s hectic do you want to be ironing shirts? Non! Google your local ironing company and test them out with a couple first. Most collect and drop back and you’ll be surprised at the reasonable price too! They can also wash and iron if you really don’t have time…
  2. Dry cleaners needn’t be your next best friends as suits need far less dry cleaning than one assumes. Most tailors would actually tell you to dry clean suits in months over weeks as it can ruin a suit.
  3. Febreeze There’s nothing wrong with giving your suit a little spritz of this. Please don’t use aftershaves or a spray deodorant, as it’ll not only stain the suit but it will add to the smell over all. Febreeze is designed to lift odours so only use sprays that are designed specifically for fabrics.
  4. Spot clean If your whole suits not completely dirty (I hope not, unless you’ve been rolling around in mud) then a spot clean does just the trick if you’ve dropped a bit of your sarnie on it. Simply get a plain, clean damp cloth and rub gently. No additives are needed here.
  5. Press There are a couple of ways to press your trousers/suits. Some use a trouser press, personally I think these are tricky little things and would prefer accuracy with an ironing board, slightly damp cloth and an iron. Always cover your trousers with a plain small tea towel before ironing over fabric (Never iron directly onto wool) Make sure your tea towel is very slightly damp; too wet and it’ll make your trousers look a mess and too dry and it won’t do a thing. With a damp press, you’ll get a perfect crease down the front of your suit trousers and banish the creases behind the knee and give them a little freshen up.
  6. Airing & rotation It’s important to allow your suits to breathe. Wear a suit for one day and allow to breathe for two and rotate accordingly.
  7. Hangers Make sure you have a broad suit hanger preferably with contoured shoulders. It makes me want to cry when people wire or Velcro hangers for their suits. It ruins the shape of a suit, whether it’s structured or unstructured.
  8. Number of suits A good number of suits to have is 5. This will mean that you don’t suddenly have one of the two you own falling apart and desperately go and buy another that may not fit as well. Aim for a ratio of more blue over grey as most tend to choose blue more as their suit main option.
  9. Quality of suits Don’t compromise on quality in the first place, choose strong fabrics, quality construction and ask for reinforcements in areas where you know you’re tougher on.
  10. Storage Don’t keep your suits in their cover, take them out and make sure they have enough space around them so that there not crushed inside your wardrobe.

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