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1920 x 600


At Alexandra Wood, made to measure differs in that we can modify literally everything, from shoulder width to sleeve pitching.

We offer a choice of half canvas constructions, full canvas and unstructured, but as we don't expect you to what these mean - we fully educate you, so you understand the decisions you are making.

Needless to say, knowing how to create the right made to measure suit with all these modifications takes skill and knowledge; is isn't something done by simply handing someone a measuring tape.


Pink Shirt Style


Let's face it, 40 is the new 30 and realistically, who actually cares if you're no longer in your 30s? Does this mean you should be conscious about ageing and therefore dressing 'appropriately'. Is there a rule guide?

For me, there's of course styles I just don't like, but they're likely styles I haven't liked at any age.

"The most celebrated thing that should come from dressing over 40 should be that you've likely stopped wasting time buying clothes that aren't of real quality"

Pink Shirt Style


"Bespoke" in the strictest sense means a suit made from scratch, using paper patterns cut specifically for you. No modified pattern blocks are involved at all. A design is created and formed just for you.

You can expect to have a basted fitting. This is where the suit is half-made by our UK workshops, then a wide variety of modifications are made from here onwards, fine tuning your suit to perfection. Hour and hours of work goes into every one of our pieces and is created by our own Savile Row trained tailor. Consider bespoke as your very own blueprint.


We offer wardrobe design and creation for you to choose from, to ensure your entire wardrobe looks impeccable for every occasion.

The best weekend wear

Made to Measure Trousers

The best weekend wear

You've got your work wear sorted, then you open your wardrobe to pick out something for your friends casual BBQ, or lunch out with your parents and your mind's gone blank. You stand staring at your wardrobe and cannot put an outfit together for the life of you!

Made to Measure Trouser